Having retired from music teaching in England I moved to France and took up painting which I had formerly given up at A levels, after leaving school.

I have a background of art study and my life in France has been mostly spent in rebuilding my artistic skills in painting. I studied art and design with the Open College of Arts and  watercolour courses under the tuition of Peter Welton and Judy Whitton, from whom I learnt much about colour and style. I now study under Reg Alcorn, an acrylic advocate who has introduced me to “Golden” Acrylic paints, which I have also seen used in Canada by an eminent artist. This has been an epiphany for me.

Living in France, surrounded by history, swathes of unspoilt countryside and unique architecture, has been an inspiration, and I now devote my time to juxtaposing a new, revolutionary painting medium with historical and traditional subjects. I have always been impressed by the effects of artificial lighting at night and I feel I have now found a style I’ve always been looking for.

Most of my artwork is displayed on pages within my website and is for sale unless otherwise marked. My already SOLD artwork has been left on the site for reference and can be closely replicated should a potential customer desire it.


Greeting Cards & Stationery 

I create greeting cards  from my paintings & photographs enjoying the challenge of digital art. Yet another step forward.

Please see the card portfolio and you will find a price list from which to order.

I hope you enjoy my web site, which is varying all the time and updated continuously with new content and a growing selection of affordable original art. 


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